Should You Trust A $99 Air Duct Cleaning?

There are a myriad of reasons for why a home owner should assume the responsibility of tending to their maintenance requirements to the greatest extends. One of the biggest maintenance needs is a home's ventilation system as it is one of the most important elements inside of the entire infrastructure. Be weary though of coupon ads for whole duct system cleaned for only $99. We see this a lot in our business and it typically comes with an individual or company who is using a portable vac and brush and can be in and out within an hour. Although this might sound great to the home owner, what is not being realized is that all this does is stir up a lot of dust and leaves most behind causing more problems then before they arrived.

Doigg's, on the other hand, utilizes some of today's most advanced state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a home's ventilation system is thoroughly cleaned. Every duct is cleaned individually from the register to the main body of the unit. Regardless of the ducts' sizing being "steel" or "flex", we guarantee our clients air ducts will be fully cleaned for absolute optimal operability. A motorized brush agitation is used alongside a negative air system for the removal of dust that cannot be touched by systems that are brush-only. Our negative air system utilizes "HEPA" filters, which is an acronym for high efficiency particulate air. We efficiently capture the tiniest microns of dust particles. These filter types are required to be utilized in hospitals to ensure that patients are provided with the healthiest environment to recover and rest in. Therefore, a homeowner can have confidence and a peace of mind upon choosing our services.

A home's ventilation system provides a home's residents with the greatest extents of comfort and quality living. The ventilation system enables the residents to live warmly in the wintertime, and cool and dry in the summer. If the ventilation system isn't operating properly, it is very likely the home's residents will have a difficult time in doing anything within the property. Their health can certainly be at risk, and the value of their home's property will certainly dwindle as one of the most important components is providing the environment with inefficient functioning. There are many ways a home's ventilation system can become inoperable and one of the most common culprits is dirtiness and a lack of maintenance conducted within the ducts. There are many companies today that are offering $99 air duct cleaning services. Although such a deal may seem tempting, it is an essential necessity for the homeowner to know that more likely than not, their air duct systems will remain in the same conditions and eventually worsen over time. The proper protocols and techniques of air duct cleaning are quite complex in procedures and will cost an upward of a lot of today's $99 air duct cleaning "deals". In order to ensure that you are being provided with the cleanest and safest environment of living, it is highly recommended for you to spend more than just $99 on your next air duct cleaning session. You health and property's value will certainly thank you for it.

To learn more about air duct cleaning please visit our website or call Doiggs today at (972) 771-5771 and speak with a live specialist who can answer your further questions and tend to your specific needs.

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