Mold Growth in Your Carpet From Water Damage

Are you dealing with water damage in your home? Has the water made its way onto and beneath your carpets? If so, the growth of mold is a risk that you need to be aware of for you and your family's health. It may be surprising to hear that mold can start growing as quickly as 24 hours after your carpet gets exposed to water. So what do you do? Start the Clean Up Right Away If the water is something you can clear out by yourself, try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Letting the water sit can lead to a damaged carpet. It's going to be tough drying out the carpet if the water seeps into it. Your flooring is also something to worry about as the hardwood flooring can start to warp and wear aw

Is That Water Damage New or Old?

Have you identified water damage in your home? If so, you may be wondering if the water damage is recent or it's been there for quite some time. You want to see whether the water damage is new or old so that you can get an idea of how much damage you're dealing with and identify the root cause of the problem. 1. What Material Was Damaged? Water affects materials in different ways. If stone, hard tile, or brick has deteriorated, then it means it's been exposed to water for a long time. As for water damage done to wood flooring, carpets, or drywall, you see the effects of water damage in a short period. Whatever the material is, you will need to consider water damage remediation to deal with t

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