Use These Tips for Dealing with a Pipe Burst

Burst pipes can make themselves known in many ways. Perhaps you hear the faint sound of dripping water. Maybe you notice an inexplicable puddle or a drop or loss of water pressure. While not always the case, the situations mentioned above could indicate burst or frozen pipes. Burst Pipes Cause Serious Damage Burst pipes most often occur in the winter season. When water freezes inside pipes near exterior walls or outdoor plumbing, water expands, putting pressure on pipes. Further, ice may block pipes, and unfrozen water applies more pressure. All pipes, regardless of the material, can burst when this occurs. Steps To Take If You Experience Problems With Your Pipes If you suspect you have a le

Tips for Dealing with Water Damage at Home

There are several ways that a home can get damaged by water. In some cases, water damage is preventable, while in other situations, the force of nature plays a role in the catastrophe. Types of water damage that homeowners might experience include the following: Leaky Pipes - Pipes can be tricky, mainly because of being hidden underneath floors or behind walls. Since pipes aren't usually visible to the naked eye, it might take weeks to discover a leak. Unfortunately, the longer leaky pipes go unchecked, the more they can wreak havoc in your home. Sitting water can cause unsafe conditions such as the formation of black mold. Further, moisture can contribute to the deterioration of wooden floo

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